In need of a rescuer

You’ve probably heard the phrase ‘curiosity killed the cat’. Genoveva Nunez-Figueroa from California, USA didn’t get killed, but the curiosity got her stuck in a chimney.
In an attempt to spy on her ex-boyfriend, the woman climbed the house’s roof and planned to get in the house trough the chimney.
After getting into the chimney, she realized her plan failed. She got stuck and started to call for help. Some neighbours heard her and called the police and fire-fighters.
The authorities had to cut the top of the chimney and use liquid soap to set the woman free. The entire operation took about 2 hours.
We are like Genoveva. We run after things we know are wrong and bad for us and we end up getting stuck. When we get stuck in sin, we need rescuing and just like Genoveva we can’t do it ourselves, we need a rescuer. Jesus is our rescuer.

If you are looking for some technique which you can pull out and will magically stop you from doing anything wrong or win your place in heaven, you have come to the wrong place. What we require to have long lasting freedom is not just a change in behaviour but a change in heart. This comes from a place of genuine repentance; 180 degree turn from what’ve done wrong and turn to Jesus. It comes from accepting the truth that Jesus who was himself God, to be born as a human baby and live on this earth leading a perfect, sinless life, and when He had done this, to voluntarily offer His own life as a sacrifice to pay the penalty for our sin. He died, was buried and resurrected to show that he was really was God, could really defeat sin and show us through him, and only him we could have victory. This is why Christians make such a big deal of Jesus’ resurrection. It’s through that and that alone that we can restore our relationship with God, be free to live the life you were destined to live and live for all eternity.
Now, God has done His part. Jesus gave His own life as a punishment for OUR wrong-doing. We didn’t deserve it. It wasn’t ‘fair’ but that’s how much God loves YOU.
If you want to accept this gift of forgiveness, this promise of eternal life. If you want to be free from the punishment you brought on yourself by not doing things God’s way, you need to decide to surrender to God and do things His way from now on. You need to believe that He exists, that He loves you and that He died for you. If you have never done this or you’re not sure if you have then I urge you to follow this little prayer. It’s not a magic formula but it may help you give words to what’s on your heart.

Dear God, thank you that You died for me and want the best for me in every situation. I’m sorry for ignoring You and doing things my way.
I realise now that my sin has hurt You and the people around me and for this, I am truly sorry.
Thank you Jesus that You came and took the punishment for my sin. Thank you that you gave your life for me.
Please forgive me and help me now as I decide to live only for You. Amen
John wrote “I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.” (John 15:5, NIV)

This means we can’t become purer without Jesus. If we are not in Jesus and he in us we will simply be ineffective. However, if we remain in him, if we accept the gospel and continue to remain in him, then he promises us we will bear fruit; we can have victory over sin.
If you said that prayer, or have done in the past, you are a fully signed up member of God’s kingdom! That means there is hope and victory IS possible but it’s only possible because of God’s grace for us. So I hope you stay with me as we continue to work out our salvation.